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I AM an energy practitioner that facilitates self-healing thru  Reiki, Sound Healing,

& intuitive  Tarot  readings, all modalities designed to empower you to find your own light within. I've been practicing for 3+ years, trained and certified in Tulum and Amsterdam.

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Tarot cards are a tool that connects the physical and astral planes, providing spiritual guidance. 


My readings are not divination but rather intuitive channeled messages from your Higher Self regarding the energy around a situation in your life. Each session offers mental and emotional clarity that supports confident decision-making that creates your future in each now moment. Just like predicting the weather, my sessions provide an energy forecast that aligns and prepares you for a future situation.


Duration: 90 min in person or zoom

Sound Healing

Sound baths help you positively transform low energy like guilt, fear, stress, and dis-ease into well-being and higher vibrations of love, peace, and joy.

This vibrational massage is a deeply meditative experience that restores and realigns your physical, emotional, and mental body at a cellular level by rebalancing your chakras and cleansing your etheric body using mainly crystal singing bowls and their sonic vibrations. My sessions are Reiki infused.

Duration: 90 min in person

Individual, couples, or group sessions available


I AM a Reiki Master certified in Tulum.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing art that harmonizes and aligns your physical and ethereal body by unblocking and re-calibrating your chakras. In a session, vital energy  ("Rei" spirit —  "Ki" life-force) is transmitted thru the laying of the hands in a gentle and non-invasive way. A session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. Multiple sessions help speed up any healing and complement traditional medicine or conventional psychological therapy. 

Duration: 90 min in person or distant

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