of domestic 




PSA— A public awareness campaign that empowered sports fans to take a stand against domestic violence in sports, while still supporting their team.

 "I'm a fan of football but I'M #notafan of domestic violence." 

 Domestic violence is a widespread social problem and professional sports

are not immune. When an athlete is involved in an incident, sports fans are often caught in the middle.  The campaign "#ImNotAFan of Domestic Violence"  provided fans with the means to express support for their team while advocating that domestic violence is unacceptable.


#NotAFan: Compilation
#NotAFan: Liberty
#NotAFan: NY Rangers
#NotAFan: Yankees
#NotAFan: Cosmos

The campaign features sports figures from the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Liberty, Rangers, and Cosmos in a series of video PSAs and photography portraits, that directs viewers to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence where they can learn more and donate to support efforts to raise awareness and address domestic violence. The campaign was displayed online, in Taxi TV, in Times Square, at Madison Square Garden, and at the Yankees stadium. The look of the campaign was made to look like commercial spots, very different from the traditional talking head style PSA we are so used to seeing, creating a cinematic environment familiar to sports fans so we could draw them in. 

Client: NCADV

Film Director: Jimmy Ferguson

Creative Director: Julie Stahl

Associate Creative Director: Cuevawolf

Production + Editorial:  Blonde+Co

Photography: Celeste Sloman



 melissa Mark Viverito is the 1st public official in the country to launch a major campaign against domestic violence in sports.

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