A campaign that confidently re-positions Palmer's in the cocoa butter industry.


With today's' overcrowded cocoa butter market, Palmer's needed to expand and connect with a younger audience.  We created a digital campaign that brought Palmer's brand message and its essence  "The Nature of You" back to life, in a compelling and more human way. 

 Through dance, we encouraged the audience to feel good in

 their own skin, and celebrate the confidence that arises from healthy skin that makes us look and feel great. 

 Our skin is the most tactile  part of our bodies.  

 It covers and surrounds our entire self. 

 It’s  what holds us together, literally. 

 The cocoa butter formula has been Palmer's formula for over 40 years. To become culturally relevant and connect with a new audience, without excluding their current loyal customer, we created "Glow With Confidence" — a campaign that encourages a younger audience to be confident starting with feeling good in their skin.  


The campaign consisted of video, photography, and experiential performances.  With a diverse cast of six young professional dancers, we celebrate self-expression through dance, featuring the product's key ingredients. Keeping it real and authentic, on set, the dancers improvised and performed, expressing their deepest emotions through body movements, after applying the product on their skin, resulting in an organic and honest performance, that celebrated their most natural, raw self.  


Client: Palmer's

On-set Director: Cuevawolf

Creative Director: Cuevawolf

Production + Editorial: Blonde+Co

Photography:  Nir Arieli



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