the american hypocrisy;

american attitudes towards sexuality

Using her signature style of recontexualizing, the artist designed a book about sexual attitudes whose content was derived from the 1964 book The Hypocritical American by James Collier. Pairing select prose with black and white photographs of female nudes, the artist reframes the book as a contemporary object. The messaging of Seccso focuses on how society has buried glorification around sex and has shackled it with shame. Inspired to change this outdated and unhealthy mindset, the book starts with images of women who are dressed but quickly progresses into a seductive strip show. Ultimately, the artist uses this metaphor to reference a personal revelation--one that celebrates pleasure.

 fornication. intercourse. copulation.

 mating. lovemaking. procreation. reproduction. 

 coitus. fuck. bang. 1964© 

in collaboration with gallery FIFI projects

the american hypocrisy: an essay on sex attitudes in america by james collier

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